How to win your dream car?

Who among us has never dreamed of driving in a beautiful brand new car? No one, I suppose. Indeed, everyone wants to have their own car, not that of parents or that of friends. In our article, we will therefore give you some tips on how to win your own car and enjoy its benefits.

1.     Contest games

Nowadays, there are several contests, whether online or real, which offer a beautiful new car as a prize.

ü Online contests

Several sites give you the opportunity to win a car in the form of a contest, you can search it on Google. In addition, the social media pages also offer various contests, some of which will win you a phone, or even a nice car. The principle is often the same:

·        You put a "Like" on the page

·        You identify one or more of your friends or you answer a question asked

·        And you share the publication of the page or the page itself to encourage other people to participate.

Among these social networks we can find Facebook, which is the most popular, Instagram and also Twitter.

It should be noted that, however, some sites and pages are scams, especially when they ask you to pay a certain amount or to give your bank account numbers.

Participation in a competition must be 100% free. Besides, even being free, some are not true, and this is the case for most Facebook pages. They get you involved to gain fans on the page and increase the audience for their next posts. So if you face this kind of case, don't get upset, you have nothing to lose.

ü Contests in real life

Besides online contests, there are also various contests in which you can participate in reality.

These include Shopping malls, new brands and more.

There are many ways to enter different contests, all you need to do is stay up to date with news, radio, TV or newspapers.

Keep in mind that luck is at stake in most of this, so don't take the lead if you don't come out on top.

2.     Participate in betting

You will tell yourself that betting does not allow you to win a car. Well of course! Indeed, if you are lucky enough to win millions, you can buy yourself a nice car with the money. Here are some kinds of bets that will earn you enough money to give you the car of your dreams.

ü Sports betting

Sports’ betting is a good way to win a large sum of money that will allow you to buy a vehicle.

There are different kinds of sports betting, namely: Horse racing, Football, Cricket.

ü Casino games

We can also classify casino games as bets, but here everything is about luck. Indeed, most of these games are games of chance in which you will bet your money to win a prize pool.

However, it should be noted that casino games can ruin you if you do not play wisely. Indeed, winning money linked to gambling can often become addictive. So, if you make enough money to pay for your car and cover the expenses you made in games, you have to think about stopping before you become an "addict".

3.     Lotteries

Lotteries are also good ways to win a lot of money to be able to buy a nice car, but also to offer you a dream vacation with the extra money. You can participate in online competition to win a car. You must still bear in mind that it is a game of chance, therefore, you will not have the certainty of winning.

To participate in lotteries, you must establish a budget so as not to harm your income.

4.     Paid tests

Paid tests can also save you a lot of money which will allow you to buy your car.

ü The drug test

This is one of the tests that pay the most, because you have the possibility of winning up to 4000 Euros, which is enough to be able to offer you a beautiful car.

To participate in a drug test, you can approach the clinics or you can still find them online. The only conditions are to have good health or to present the symptoms that the drugs will cure, in order to see the effectiveness and the flaws of the product before launching on the market.

However, you must ensure the reliability of the site or clinic. Indeed, the drug test has certain disadvantages:

·        Possible side effects: in the event that the medication has certain flaws, side effects may occur. Their magnitude varies depending on the dose of the drug.

·        Constraints: to obtain a large sum, you must choose tests that require hospitalization and this can take days. However, you do not have to worry about your needs, as they will be the responsibility of the clinic.

ü Product testing

Product testing is also a great way to raise money quickly and easily. However, the remuneration is not as substantial as that of the drug test. However, there are no big constraints and it doesn't take up all your time. Indeed, a test lasts only 15 minutes maximum and this consists of filling out a form concerning a defined product or even giving your opinion. So you can do more than one at a time.

Here are some examples of tests you can perform:

·        Food testing

·        Beauty product testing

·        Household products test

·        Site ergonomics test

You can find a lot of websites on the internet that offer product testing.

5.     Advertisements on your facade

The goal here is to put advertising for a product or service directly on the front of your house. You can earn up to 500 Euros if your house is in the foreground and your neighborhood is very busy.

6.     Rental of property

The rental of property also allows you to pocket a large sum, especially the rental of your house.

ü Rental of your accommodation to production companies

Some production houses choose private homes as a filming scene to reduce certain expenses. It is possible to receive up to 5,000 Euros by renting your house, a sum which will be used to buy your car.

ü Rental of your guest rooms

The transformation of guest rooms into guest rooms is very profitable, especially in a tourist area.

You can earn 80 Euros to 200 Euros each night, so in one week, you will receive a lot of money, by exempting the various charges during the stays of the guests.

7.     Your talents and knowledge

It is also possible to use your talents and knowledge to earn a large sum of money which will be used to purchase your dream car. Indeed, there are certain activities which do not require much of your time, but which nevertheless bring back a certain package, namely:

ü Web writing: it's a freelance job for those who have talents in this field. If you have enough general knowledge, the job will be easy for you.

ü Sharing your knowledge: some websites offer you to become a part-time teacher for individuals or young children

Activities that earn money using talents and knowledge are not suitable for those who already have a fixed job. Especially since the latter already occupies most of his time.

8.     Work

The Catholic way is to work to earn your own car. Indeed, your hard work of a few months will be rewarded by your satisfaction of having obtained the thing that haunts your dreams.

Indeed, it is easier to count on your skills and not on luck and on unstable small incomes.

My opinion on how to Win your Dream Car?

So you know different ways of winning a car, either directly or indirectly. Indeed, you can win it directly in contests or games, but you can also win it by pocketing a large sum of money in one go and using this money to buy the car. The means are really varied and you just have to choose the one that suits you. In addition, they can also be used to make ends meet, which can always be useful in case of extreme necessity.